The Boards

Frederic Eckhard: Founder and President. Former spokesperson for UN secretary-general Kofi Annan


From left to right: André Orhan: Treasurer, Retired Gendarme // Marie-Claire Dalbaigue: (withdrawn from board), Retired school teacher and librarian // Anne Krefft Retired chief inspector of police, UK // Frederic Eckhard, Honorary President // Monique Iundt, Secretary, (withdrawn from board), Former United Nations recruitment officer // Safia Morvannou, Assistant Secretary, School teacher // Henri Levacher, Assistant Treasurer, Retired lawyer, financial specialist // Béatrix Rushton, President, UNICEF administrator. //

Absent from photo: Gwenola Woodhead


Left to right: Nicole Hochschild, Secretary and Communications specialist // Marie Heuzé, Second Vice President, Former UN spokesperson and communications director (Geneva) // Isabel Garcia-Gill, First Vice President. Journalist and former UN communications specialist // Joanna Maxwell Scott, Accounts verifier, Video producer // Frederic Eckhard, President // Suzanne Mesli Petalas, Assistant Treasurer (withdrawn from board), Former UN human resources and admin officer // Anne Penketh, Assistant secretary, (withdrawn from board) Author and journalist. //

Absent from photo: Nane Annan, Honorary Chair, Painter and lawyer // Afsaneh Bassir Pour, journalist, former European director of communications for the UN (Brussels) // Ahmad Fawzi, media and communications expert, former UN spokesman in NY and with UNHCR (Geneva) // Li Ling Low, Treasurer, Admin and Finance Officer, Kofi Annan Foundation. // Franz Baumann, Former Assistant Secretary-General at the UN and Visiting Research Professor at New York University, Vice President of the Academic Council on the United Nations System. //


From left to right Back: Barbara Crossette, author and journalist // Nancy Kovacic, Elementary school consultant and former teacher, sister of Fred Eckhard // Hanafi Hadjeres, Retired french translator/editor at UN // Erin McCreary, Former Editing/Publishing assistant, UN Women // Jan Eckhard, Vice-President and Treasurer. Works in music and entertainment industry // Nora Updegrove, President, US Department of State employee // Frederic Eckhard, Honorary President Emeritus and Co-founder // Holly Buechel, (withdrawn from board) Technical media coordinator. Video editor and producer. //

Absent from photo: Susan de Souza, New President of Chance for Change.

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